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‘Next Question’ – Season 1: 13

Release Date: 2013-05-14 Logline Season finale: Clark tries to solve Owen’s cold case. Deputy Mayor Holbrook (ERIC MORRIS) pulls a gun on Clark and Margot (TRIESTE KELLY DUNN). MICHAEL MADSEN guest stars. Synopsis In the season finale, when Clark is relegated to desk duty, he delves into Owen’s cold case in which the murder investigation […]

Cast & Executive Producers

  • Cast

  • Theo James
    (Walter William Clark, Jr.)
  • Kevin Alejandro
    (Detective Christian Arroyo)
  • Bonnie Somerville
    (Detective Deborah McKenzie)
  • Holt McCallany
    (Detective Joe Diaco)
  • Stella Maeve
    (Agnes Clark)
  • Chi McBride
    (Detective Don Owen)
  • Executive Producers

  • Greg Berlanti
  • Nicholas Wootton

Show Description

In this gritty new character-driven drama from Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Dirty Sexy Money) and Emmy® winner Nicholas Wootton (Chuck, NYPD Blue), a young, ambitious police officer rises quickly within the New York Police Department -- perhaps through questionable methods -- after becoming a celebrated hero in the line of duty.

Theo James stars as the confident and driven Walter William Clark, Jr., who, with an act of bravery, has bartered his way to being a detective with one of the City's premier homicide task forces. A good guy, Clark comes from the streets and will do anything to keep from going back, just as he'll do anything to crack a caseÂ… even if it's against the law. His off-the-cuff methods make his partner, Detective Don Owen, a lifer cop with two years until retirement, nervous, and they definitely don't fly well with the other alpha dog in the squad room, Detective Arroyo, whose bald ambition is hard to ignore. Arroyo will do anything to keep Clark in line -- or under the line -- and he has no qualms stepping on or over others in the squad. Each episode will flash forward seven years to the future when Clark, the seeming golden boy, has become the youngest police commissioner New York City has ever seen and, just as quickly, it flashes back, outlining in chalk the paths Clark has traveled in his swift climb to the top. There are good guys and bad guys ... but what does it take to be a golden boy?

Production Credits

  • Production Company(s): Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television
  • Network: CBS
  • Territory: World
  • Program Length (min): 60